Teams FAQ

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Q: How do I start a team?
A: The most important part of a team is a coach. Having someone willing to teach, lead and mentor is very important. Next you need a manager that is willing to help get things organized in that team parent role. Then you need to register on https://ia7v7.goparticipate.com to create your team in the system and add them to event.

Q: How do I know what age group my team can play in?
A: Check out the Age Article https://iowa7v7football.com/announcements/january-1-is-the-age-limit-date/

Q: Where can I find events to play in?
A: On the midwest 7v7 web site https://ia7v7.goparticipate.com/EventsView

Q: How many kids do I need on my team?
A: You should have at least 9 players on your team to be competitive. To get good practices in 14 kids is good because most of the time not all are available for events.

Q: What does it cost to register a team?
A: It costs $30/year to activate your team to be registered in events

Q: What does an event cost to enter?
A: events cost anywhere from $300 to $600 depending on the venue.

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