January 1 is the age limit date

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For the 2023 season to stay consistent with many of the other national tournaments, Iowa 7v7 football will use the calendar year as the age determination. This rule is subject to change as we learn how this rule will affect teams and the game in 2023. For please be clear so that you don’t end up with younger players playing with guys 2 years older than them that the age cut off is January 1.

What does this mean teams and age verification? Hopefully the following chart will clarify who can play when

Age GroupStart and End Age
10UBorn 2012 or 201310-9
12UBorn 2010 or 201112-11
14UBorn 2008 or 200914-13
15U Born 200715
18UBorn 2004 or 2005 or 200618-16

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