Teams FAQ

Q: How do I start a team?A: The most important part of a team is a coach. Having someone willing to teach, lead and mentor is very important. Next you need a manager that is willing to help get things organized in that team parent role. Then you need to register on to create […]

Start a Team In 5 Steps

Step 1 – Get Registered on this site for an account for your team. ** Note the activation email goes to spam a lot so look for it there.  if you can’t find it send us a note at and we will activate you.  **Once you are logged in you will see your […]

January 1 is the age limit date

For the 2023 season to stay consistent with many of the other national tournaments, Iowa 7v7 football will use the calendar year as the age determination. This rule is subject to change as we learn how this rule will affect teams and the game in 2023. For please be clear so that you don’t end […]