Iowa 7 on 7 Football is a non-profit committed to nurturing youth development through accessible and inclusive activities. Our focus is on establishing a 7 on 7 football ecosystem in Iowa, providing an affordable alternative for kids who may face barriers to other travel sports. Unlike sports with participation limits causing division, our programs prioritize inclusivity.

In football, the beauty lies in widespread participation. 7 on 7 football amplifies the fun in every play. Every child drawn to football instinctively wants to throw and catch the ball. With no weight restrictions, size limits, or heightened contact concerns, 7 on 7 is a one-hand touch, low-running game with a unique twist—no blocking allowed. It turns every player into a potential receiver and every defender into a shutdown corner, ready to make a play.

In our inclusive vision, diversity extends beyond race. 7 on 7 is a gender-neutral game, accessible to all income levels, genders, skill sets, and backgrounds. Training happens daily on the playground—no need for costly lessons or facilities. All that’s required is space and people. Iowa 7 on 7 Football supports willing volunteers by providing tools like playbooks, insurance guidance, uniform assistance, practice plans, and team communication resources. We’re here to ensure success, so teams don’t have to navigate these aspects alone. Join us in making 7 on 7 football a game for everyone!


In 2018, supported by three local high school teams— the Iowa City West Trojans, Clear Creek Amana Clippers, and Thomas Jefferson J-Hawks— we launched our very first event: the inaugural Annual Playmaker Iowa Elite Tournament. This event marked a significant milestone as the first independent 7v7 tournament organized by Iowa 7v7 founders Trevor and Jennifer Bollers. With backing from team coaches and the local community, we took our first steps on this exciting journey.

Fast forward to 2019, and Iowa 7v7 Football Inc. was officially established as a non-profit organization. Fueled by the enthusiasm of players and supporters, we expanded our network and forged lasting connections. Meanwhile, other pioneers like Team Iowa and Level Up formed high school travel teams, showcasing Iowa talent nationwide. At the grassroots level, the Fire Dragons, Akhievers, and Savages laid the foundation for youth club teams, fostering a love for the game from a young age.

Our Playmaker tournament series grew from strength to strength, blossoming from a single event into four vibrant gatherings throughout the spring and summer. With over 200 kids of all abilities taking to the field, our tournaments became a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and sheer joy. Whether they were throwing, catching, running, or defending, every participant found their place in the excitement of 7v7 football.