In 2018 with the support of 3 high school teams, Iowa City West Trojans, Clear Creek Amana Clippers and Thomas Jefferson J-Hawks, we created our first event the first Annual Playmaker Iowa Elite Tournament.  That event was the first non-school 7v7 event put on by Iowa 7v7 founders Trevor and Jennifer Bollers.  With the support of the 3 participating team coaches and some great local supporters and businesses we were able to get this ball moving up a steep cliff.  

Iowa City West is Champs of our first event ever.


In 2019 Iowa 7v7 Football Inc. a non-profit organization was born.  We took a huge step forward in getting things organized and active.  We were inspired by the many people that were excited about playing upon hearing about the game, and we made a lot of friends along the way.  Some of the other pioneers that are bringing 7 on 7 to Iowa are Team Iowa and Level Up, who formed High School travel teams going all over the country as far as Florida to compete.  The Fire Dragons, Akhievers, and Savages started the youth club scene with multiple teams in each division.  

Playmaker tournament events grew from a single event to 4 events over the spring and summer.  All in all we had over 200 Kids running all over football fields doing the fun things.  It did not matter the size of the kid.  They all had a great time throwing, catching and running the ball plus playing defense.  

2020 and beyond

The Future will bring a state tournament and seeing other locations across Eastern and Central and Western Iowa host events.  This will be a great  for Iowa 7v7 football as we are seeing interest in playing this very fast paced game grow across the state.  Come create a team using the geting started guide a get into the game.  

Haa the website is up and updated. Iowa teams can now start registering and using the features of https://t.co/etXPTJlILb . There are lots of great and awesome things to come. You can build multiple teams with multiple rosters and make contacts across iowa to set up games.—

Iowa 7 v 7 Football (@iowa7v7football) December 31, 2019