Start a Team In 5 Steps

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Step 1 – Get Registered on this site for an account for your team.  https://ia7v7.goparticipate.com/Account/SignUp
** Note the activation email goes to spam a lot so look for it there.  if you can’t find it send us a note at 7v7@iowa7v7footaball.com and we will activate you.  **
Once you are logged in you will see your dashboard where you will see Teams, Rosters, Events and games that your group has played. The first order of business is creating and activating teams.

Step 2 – Create your team with a snazzy name and order some uniforms and some footballs.
From there you will be on the team dashboard. You will see your current year status, team admins, history, activation paypal button, roster button, team division button.

Step 3 – Activate your team for the current season by paying the $30/team administration fee.  Press the yellow paypal button to pay the annual activation fee.  
Step 4 – Once you have an active team you can click on events then go to the event you want to enter and add your team from the drop down.

Step 5 – Order a set of uniforms from https://gearforteams.com complete with helmets.

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