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Lets start with some background. The Theme for Iowa 7v7 came from a long, long line of twitter posts where these hard nosed guys yell “7 on 7 is not real football”. We have seen these posts that hate on the game go on, and on, and on. It is a continuous stream of coaches, parents and supposed keepers of all that is football yelling from the rafters. It is strange that as much as football has been under attack the one thing that allows for kids to play more football is hated.As our team started to prepare for the 2023 season, another one popped up and we realized that you know what they are right. 7v7 is not real football.

We asked each other, if it isn’t real football what is it? Then boom a cloud of smoke (remember these are guys thinking), and presto “Real Fun Football” came to life. The reality of 7v7 football is that it is based in back yard football where everybody was having fun throwing the ball around and laughing. It’s not flag, it’s not tackle, it’s what people do when they want to have fun with a football. They grab it, and tell their friend to go deep and throw the thing. Oh yeah DROPPIN DIMES BABY!!! Just like the Pros.


Going forward we will keep the focus on fun, and keep the energy positive around the Iowa 7v7 football world. This way everyone realizes that at the end of the day, nobody is losing a job over what we are doing. We are out here having fun throwing the ball around. Keep it real, keep it fun, and keep playing football. Tag us on social media with #ia7v7 and #realfunfb

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