Iowa 7v7 tournament season opener, “The Wild Wild West” comes to Council Bluffs this weekend.

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The first tournament of the Iowa 7v7 tournament season will host 26 teams from three different states at the Iowa West Sports Plex this Sunday.

This is the second year of the Wild Wild West tournament and Iowa 7v7 couldn’t be more excited. Trevor Bollers, director of Iowa 7v7, said that this is the first time Iowa 7v7 and Nebraska 7v7 have come together to host a tournament.

“This is the first Iowa 7v7/Nebraska 7v7 tournament of the year. We’ll have a great cross section of talent from across the Midwest competing to become our favorite Wild West Pigskin Rustler,” Bollers said.

Last season, this tournament had 19 teams and two states come. But now, with the addition of seven new teams and the collaboration with Nebraska 7v7, they’re thinking about possibly even expanding it to two days instead of one next year.

“It looks like this event will be expanded to two days next year because of Iowa 7v7’s growth across Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. The event is unique in that it gives northern teams time to prepare for the season vs. trying to hurry and travel down south,” Bollers said.

This early in the season, the only way that teams can get tournaments in the Midwest is if they travel down south to the big Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia tournaments. Or, they have them indoors. But most of the time, those are both expensive options.

Iowa 7v7 is honored and excited for this Sunday and can’t wait to see what all teams bring to the table.

Bollers said, “This weekend I just hope for real fun football. People are traveling here for this tournament, so we just want a fun safe day of kids playing football”.

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