With 7v7 season starting up, here’s what you need to know.

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7on7 is 100% Real Fun Football. But in order to make it fun for players and parents, here’s four things to help you keep your weekend running smoothly.

  • Have cash!

A lot of tournaments have a fee to get in, normally $5-10. So plan accordingly with the amount of people you’re bringing to cheer on your player.

Depending on if it’s a one or two day tournament, sometimes weekend passes are offered. For us, since Wild Wild West is one day, the weekend pass doesn’t matter. But for tournaments like Back to Ballin and the State Tournament, weekend passes will be offered.

So, don’t forget your cash! Because as high-tech as we are, we’re not that far a long yet!

  • Only Coaches and players are allowed on the field.

Unless you’re playing in the tournament, coaching in the tournament, are one of our trainers, or your child has just gotten hurt and needs your assistance you’re not allowed on the field.

This is for your safety and also for the safety of our players, coaches and refs. Coaches are there to coach, and if you’re not one of the coaches then please let them do their jobs. That goes for referees as well.

Refs are humans and make mistakes. The right calls will not always be called, and calls will get missed. Please try to refrain from saying things that can be hurtful.

Also think of the example that sets for the players. This is a positive environment of athletes and we want to be setting good examples for them.

  • Keep our venues clean!

Our venues are rented! We are thankful to all of our hosts for allowing us to use their beautiful facilities and we would like to keep going back. But in order to do that, we have to leave them just as, or even nicer than, we found them.

That means cleaning up spills, throwing trash away and following the rules that the venue has in place to make sure they’re staying clean. Like keeping gum and food off the turf and other rules like that.

We enjoy these tournaments and know y’all do too. So let’s all do our part so that we can keep them going!

  • Dress accordingly!

We all know that weather here in the Midwest is always changing. Sometimes we go from being freezing in the morning and sweating in the afternoon. So, in order to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible we advise you to dress for the weather.

In instances like the one listed above, layers will be your best friend. Packing a bag with blankets and extra sweatshirts will help too.

Sometimes rain comes out of nowhere and creates one of the most uncomfortable environments. So to combat that, keep an umbrella or rain gear in your car or even keep it in a bag and always have that bag with you.

You’ll find that even when you think you know what’s going on with the weather, you actually rarely do. So keep these things in mind, and also remember essentials like sunscreen and bug spray as well!

Hopefully you found something helpful within these tips! We are so excited for this season and we hope you are too!

Lets make it a good year of Real Fun Football!

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