O-Town Showdown

O-Town Showdown: the first Nebraska 7v7 event

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A new event is coming to Nebraska! The O-Town Showdown is the first event ever produced by Spirit 7even and we already can tell this event is going to be a great one.

Spirit has shown us they’re great by their teams, organization and coaches. Now, they’re going to show us they’re even better by hosting their own tournament.

Their leader Darren Petersen has quickly connected himself with the 7v7 community and is already making a positive impact on the growth of the game in Nebraska and around the Midwest. He’s reached out to many organizations in surrounding states and is making a good impression everywhere!

Omaha has been the home of some very high level 7 on 7 programs, but they’ve never hosted any major events. But now that’s going to change. From here and into the future the O-Town Showdown is gonna show you up.

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