7v7 Updates and News – Nebraska

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Nebraska has always been an important part of how our organization functions. They are one of the first areas of the Midwest that we expanded to. The growth has been amazing to see, especially with some of our partners.

Nebraska 7v7 Football

Nebraska 7v7 Football is an organization that has transformed what we stand for. We started as a small organization with barely enough teams to host a tournament, and are now partnered with them and South Dakota that contain many teams. Tank and his team will be hosting two events this year and as always they will be great. We look forward to continuing the growth of Nebraska with them.


Nebraska SELECT 7EVEN is another organization that has come from Nebraska that has had a huge impact on our events. Darren has been running a successful football program and wanted to start doing 7v7 as well. Immediately from the bat, Nebraska SELECT 7EVEN has shown us that they want to bring high level tournaments to our platform. They will be hosting O-Town Showdown and the Mid America Regional Championship along with co-hosting Wild Wild West.

Growth of Nebraska

There are many other teams that come from the Omaha area. We can’t wait to see how these organizations grow and how the expansion into central/western Nebraska turns out. Who’s ready for some more Real Fun Football?!

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