7v7 Updates and News – Iowa

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Iowa has seen an outstanding amount of growth since our first tournament in 2019. We have almost reached every corner of the state and beyond. Within these few short years, we have had a lot of great organizations be created and grown as well. Iowa 7v7 Football always looks forward to the future of our home state and what it will bring.


RedZone has been an important improvement of Iowa 7v7 Football. Tyler and his team recently moved into our office and now share a space with us. This partnership is a large part in the future of our organization, where we can work together to create new ideas and improve each other. RedZone will be hosting Mississippi Mayhem this year and likely the RedZone Rumble too.

Apex Air

Apex Air is looking to host their first event this year with SPIRIT 7EVEN at Wild Wild West. Russ has been a great part of our events and is always organized. The two organizations will elevate this event and its success will continue. We are grateful for a Des Moines organization to show interest in hosting events, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Carroll Chargers

Carroll Chargers will not only be hosting their annual Sling-N-Shoot, but they will also be hosting a youth event in the summer. Ben does a great job at making these events exciting and always a fun time for the players. Carroll has always been an important part of our geography, and it will continue to grow.


Arena is another organization that has taken initiative and shown us that they are the type of people we want hosting events. Matt Salvatore has transformed this organization into a high caliper competitive atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of. Arena will be hosting two events this year, a youth event during our Back 2 Ballin High, and an all division event as well.

Clinton Parks and Recreation

Clinton is an area that has always been good to us with Brandon at the lead. This was our first event hosted by a city/park and it is always run extremely well. The event that came from this area is what we strive for in our organization: local communities getting kids involved who don’t have the platform to play summer football. They will be hosting their annual River City Classic in 2024, which is a great way for those Eastern teams to stay involved.


The Savages will be hosting their event once again in Waterloo, an area we have been closely involved with since doing our Back 2 Ballin events at the UNI Dome. Kristen does a great job at keeping kids involved and improving the landscape for us at this location. They always run a smooth event and it will continue to be one of the staple events on our schedule.


Insanity is a newer organization that was created by Tim Bryan. He got in contact with us and has been super involved in our events. Insanity has brought a new Cedar Rapids team into the mix that is highly competitive. They will be hosting Metro Madness this year which will include all age divisions. This is a tournament we look forward to seeing grow and succeed beyond expectations.

Clear Lake Lions

The Clear Lake Lions are a high school based 7v7 team that has been coming to our events for a couple years now. They always dominate the field and show teams that you don’t have to recruit from many areas; you can start a team locally and improve beyond others. Brian will be hosting a high school tournament that will feature many schools from around the state. This is an important area that we have been looking to get involved with, and we hope to see the growth of high school engagement explode in 7v7. This tournament will be the start of a new chapter in Iowa 7v7 Football.

Sioux Center

Sioux Center is a new area that will be hosting an event this year. American State Bank Sports Complex is a new facility that reached out to our organization inquiring about renting us field space. After some talks, they decided to host their own tournament and have us help set it up. This is a new area that we have moved into, where facilities with little 7v7 experience want our help in getting an event started. We look forward to working with them and hope to see more facilities get involved as well!

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