Jaime Hymer and Pinnacle Realty Partner with Iowa 7v7 Football.

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There are many great partnerships that bring the fun to our lives. We like to think this is the beginning of one such matchup. In June of 2023, a Facebook message about interest in supporting the growth of 7v7 football, turned into one of biggest partnerships in the game for Iowa 7v7. You all know we give much love to Cedar Falls Tourism and Cedar Valley Sports Commission for their continued big event support of Iowa 7v7 Football. We also share about the technology support of the great team at Letter B Global Technologies. We now have a new fan that will allow Iowa 7v7 football to be rooted in our office space located at 2000 James Street in Coralville, IA for the foreseeable future.

Iowa 7v7's team of Trevor and Jennifer Bollers and Cole Davis are with Jamie Hymer of Pinnacle Realty
Iowa 7v7’s team of Trevor and Jennifer Bollers and Cole Davis are with Jaime Hymer of Pinnacle Realty

The Hymer Group – Iowa 7v7 office, will be home to the football operations of Iowa 7v7 football and RedZone Football Academy. The goal of the space is to focus on expanding the game of football across the state, outside the confines of single season Fall ball and our Spring/Summer 7v7 season. Our focus will be on the current offerings of Spring and Summer 7v7 along with Fall Flag football. Plus, we will work to increase awareness of football offerings such as YSF 7v7 and the Iowa 7v7 Select National Team. There are opportunities abound for football in the state of Iowa, and we want to be at the center of cultivating them.

The space will give our team members a place where we can plan the big and the small activities as well as give coaches a place to meet with us and view our vision through film sessions and a comfortable space to collaborate.

We can’t wait to see you! Thank you to Jaime Hymer and the Hymer Group for being a part of our continued moving forward vision! We look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

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