Iowa 7v7 Football State Tournament Recap Day 1

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It was a beautiful day at MYFA fields in Cedar Rapids Iowa. This is the second year that Iowa 7v7 football has hosted the State tournament for 10U to 14U 7v7 Football Teams. In 2023 there were 30 teams competing for 3 Division 1 titles and 3 Division 2 titles. The divisions would be decided based on record. The fun part of this state tournament is the first time that Iowa 7v7 football teams were ranked unofficially based on the 7v7 Points Hunt system that will be unveiled officially in 2024. The rankings provided initial matchups designed to get the right teams in the divisions for meaningful competitive games on day 2. Of course this caused some challenges for teams on day 1 where the scores would be a little more lopsided. some action shots and videos are found at.

Day 1 Surprises

Carrol Chargers 14U falling in 2 crazy over time games was a surprise to all of the staff. However, that is why we play the games for random outcomes that can happen in football. A tip here and a drop there could be the difference.

Fire Dragons Blast being 2 and 1 after Day 1 surprised many. Not because the players were not good but that the team was so new only being together for a couple weeks and having some substitute players. it was surprising that the team gelled well enough to compete at such a high level.

The Waukee Warriors being technical and sound and coming away with a big win on Day 1 was a pleasant surprise.

All in all day 1 of the Iowa 7v7 Football State Tournament saw a lot of BIG PLAY deep balls, Head toppers, crisp routes and shut down defense.

Going into Day 2

14U D1 has Iowa Flex as the favorite with a challenging Clear Lake Lions team right on their heals.

14U silver will see a rematch of Hot Feet Fire Dragons Roast who got the overtime win over the Carroll Chargers to put them in the silver bracket. However, we expect the Surge Squad to take the D2 Championship.

12U D1 will be a slugfest between Hot Feet Fire Dragons Incinerate, Cedar Falls Bombers, and Iowa Flex. These 3 have battled it out for numerous championships over the course of the season.

12U D2 will be fun to watch to find the king of the hill. A strong Red Zone Razors team leads the pack with Central Iowa Swag and Davenport North right on their heals and an always potent Iowa Savages crew or, 319 Elite lurking.

10U D1 is anyone’s game between the Prime Tim gang of Cedar Rapids and 10U Carroll Chargers. Both of these teams have found ways to win in recent weeks.

10U D2 should be Red Zone Razors 10U all the way unless the young Iowa Savages can find a stride or the young Fire Dragons find a spark.

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