HAVlife Grant Recognition

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HAVlife Grant Provides Vital Funds For The Growth Of Youth Football

Iowa 7on7 Football recently received a $5,000 grant from the Hunter Aaron Vondran Memorial Foundation. Thanks to this grant, Iowa 7on7 Football will be able to provide 20 half scholarships to athletes in need. This will continue to increase participation and exposure in our local youth athletes.

Coralville, IA 08/14/2023 – Iowa 7on7 Football Announced The Awarded Grant

The HAVlife grant focuses on at risk youth, ages 10-15, residing in Johnson County. This grant provides the opportunity to offset costs for those who otherwise would not be able to participate due to lack of financial resources. This follows their mission’s statement which involves preventing lost potential in youth through support of participation in athletics. Their vision enhances this goal to allow all youth to experience life in the fullest through exposure to the community.

Quote From Organization Program Coordinator On How This Grant/Program Will Increase/Expand Lifesaving

“Thanks to HAVlife, this grant will allow us to give many kids the opportunity to play when they might not have had the chance otherwise. We are grateful for the ability to do these types of acts in the community, and we look forward to being able to give back as much as we can in the future” (Cole Davis).

Why This Program Is Important To The Community And Lifesaving.

We believe that Iowa 7on7 Football will continue to grow in the Midwest and reach every community. Being able to support youth athletes that need financial help increases the outreach that our program has and allows us to extend our organization to be able to help even more kids. We hope to continue to support our local communities while also bringing the 7on7 game to many other new areas.

About Iowa 7on7 Football

In 2019 Iowa 7on7 Football Inc. a non-profit organization was born.  We took a huge step forward in getting things organized and active.  We were inspired by the many people that were excited about playing upon hearing about the game, and we made a lot of friends along the way. Iowa 7on7 now has over 200 teams from all over the state participating in our events. We have been grateful to provide an opportunity for youth athletes to enhance their skills, and we look forward to helping many more in the future.

About HAVlife Foundation

Started in memory of Hunter Aaron Vondran, HAVlife™ is a Not For Profit 501(C)(3) organization that was established to shed light on lost potential in youth ages 10 to 15. Full of athletic aspirations, musical passions, and artistic talents, these dreamer’s zest for life runs deep. Unfortunately for some, financial burdens and life’s obstacles trump ambition, leaving dreams untouched and potential lost. Through local school systems, community organizations and generous individuals, HAVlife™ works with these individuals to Prevent Lost Potential! Whether it be providing funds for a young boy to attend a local music camp, or for a young girl to attend a soccer camp her family can’t afford, HAVlife™ provides the resources students need to pursue their musical aspirations and athletic goals – just as Hunter did.

Preventing Lost Potential™ doesn’t end when a donation is made or a child returns home from an art lesson, it continues for a lifetime. Study after study reveals music, art and athletics benefit social, behavioral and cognitive development in children. That’s why HAVlife™ works so hard to allow young students the opportunity to pursue their passions without limits!

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