Sponsor Thank You – Gear For Teams

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that embodies our shared commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in sports. Iowa 7 on 7 Football, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing youth development through inclusive activities, has joined forces with GearForTeams.com, an innovative platform connecting manufacturers with teams seeking custom gear.

At Iowa 7 on 7 Football, our mission is clear: to establish a vibrant and inclusive 7 on 7 football community in Iowa. We believe in providing affordable opportunities for kids of all backgrounds to engage in the joys of sports. Our programs prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that every child, regardless of income level, gender, skill set, or background, has the chance to participate and thrive.

The partnership with GearForTeams.com perfectly aligns with our vision. Their dynamic platform empowers manufacturers to engage directly with potential clients, showcasing their products and competitive pricing to enthusiastic shoppers in search of specialized gear for their teams. By leveraging this collaboration, we can expand our reach and better serve the diverse needs of our community, fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging within our sport.

In 7 on 7 football, the focus is on widespread participation and enjoyment. It’s a game that celebrates every player, turning each one into a potential receiver or a formidable defender. With no weight restrictions or heightened contact concerns, 7 on 7 football offers a unique and inclusive experience for all participants, regardless of their size, strength, or skill level.

Together, Iowa 7 on 7 Football and GearForTeams.com are committed to making football more inclusive and accessible than ever before. We invite you to join us in this journey as we work towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming sports community for everyone. Visit gearforteams.com for all your sports needs!

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