Metro Madness: A Rainy Yet Thrilling Weekend of 7v7 Football

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This past weekend, the Metro Madness 7v7 event made a splash in more ways than one. Despite the rainy weather, the tournament, hosted by Iowa Insanity, was a resounding success and provided non-stop excitement for players and fans alike.

As the first event hosted by Iowa Insanity, it set a high bar for future tournaments. The enthusiasm and energy were amazing, even as the rain came down, proving that a little weather couldn’t dampen the spirit of the game.

A Rainy Day Full of Fun

The rain might have added an extra challenge for the teams, but it also added to the fun and the sense of sportsmanship. Players slipped and slid, but the wet conditions only seemed to fuel their determination and drive. Spectators huddled under tents and raincoats, cheering on their favorite teams and creating a vibrant atmosphere despite the drizzle.

Division Highlights and Winners

10U Division

  • Winner: Level Up Select
  • Runner Up: RedZone RaZors Red

The 10U games were a true testament to the players’ resilience and skill. Level Up Select took home the championship, showing impressive teamwork and strategy. RedZone RaZors Red fought hard and secured the runner-up position, making their fans proud.

12U Division

  • Winner: Level Up Select
  • Runner Up: Iowa Flex

In the 12U division, Level Up Select once again demonstrated their prowess, claiming the title. Iowa Flex showcased great talent and determination, earning the runner-up spot after some hard-fought matches.

14U Division

  • Winner: Iowa Flex
  • Runner Up: Level Up Prime

The 14U division saw Iowa Flex rise to the top, navigating the slippery field with skill and precision. Level Up Prime gave a commendable performance, finishing as runners-up in a thrilling contest.

Varsity Gold Division

  • Winner: Rip City Legends
  • Runner Up: Rip City Elite

The Varsity Gold division featured an intense showdown between two formidable teams. Rip City Legends emerged victorious, while Rip City Elite secured the runner-up position in a closely contested battle.

Varsity Silver Division

  • Winner: Iowa Insanity Blue
  • Runner Up: Avalanche

In the Varsity Silver division, Iowa Insanity Blue, the host’s team, took home the championship, much to the delight of the home crowd. Avalanche played with heart and determination, finishing as the worthy runner-up.

Looking Ahead

The success of Metro Madness, despite the rain, is a promising start for Iowa Insanity as hosts. The event was a perfect blend of fun, competition, and community spirit. The organizers, teams, referees, and fans all contributed to a memorable weekend, and we can’t wait to see what Iowa Insanity has in store for future events.

The rain may have come down, but it certainly didn’t wash away the fun and excitement of Metro Madness. Here’s to many more thrilling tournaments ahead!

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