Hello 7v7 coaches and parents, as we continue to learn more and get better at living with COVID please continue to follow goverment mandates.  


How To Start 7 on 7 football Team With Iowa 7v7 football


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In 2020 Iowa will start an exciting chapter with 7v7 / 7 on 7 football in the state.  We have heard from many people about wanting to start teams so we have developed this Getting Started Guide to help with all of the things that you would need to get a team off the ground.  If you want to connect with someone please email 7v7@iowa7v7football.com

 Getting Started with 7v7 football Guide


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Along with the Getting Started guide there is a team builder spreadsheet that helps put together cost and team contacts information needed for the team rosters and helps a team figure out budget based on Insurance, uniforms, practice facilities and tournaments costs.  


The next step is to register your team with Iowa 7v7 football.  When you register there are several benefits your team will get for being a part of Iowa 7v7 Football. 

  1. You get access to Manage your team and sign up for events on iowa7v7football.com
  2. We have worked to get a discounted Insurance plan for teams and event managers. 
  3. We have worked with uniforms links providers to help take this stress away.  There are several levels of uniforms that teams can choose from
  4. To set up scrimmages or other games you are able to request contact information from other coaches.  Your information is not shared directly until you respond to a contact request.

Learn the Rules of 7v7 football

In the getting started guide and the rules document you will find more details of the rules.  Here is some quick reference information.  

  1. It is passing football the Quarterback can not run
  2. You have 4 seconds to throw the ball
  3. One of the 7 on offense is the center so it is 5 receivers and 1 QB vs 7 defenders
  4. You can use regular football formations with 2 tight ends and a running back or even empty backfield sets.  

In 2020 and going forward Iowa 7v7 Football require players to wear head gear during play.  We have seen enough inside routes and crossing routes to understand that a little protection can go a long way.  For this reason we have partnered with GameBreaker Head gear.  GameBreaker has provided a great deal for parents and teams to purchase the protective equipment.  

Coaches can contact Rod Alma for more information on how to get full team orders.  

Rod Game Breaker